Gaziantep Chamber Of Industry Vocational Training Center

About Us

About Us

About Us


Gaziantep Chamber of Industry Vocational Training Center (GSOMEM) has been constructed in collaboration between Gaziantep Chamber of Industry (GSO) and İpek Yolu Development Agency in the second industral zone of Gaziantep as a sub-unit of GSO, in order to meet, 

  • Qualified Labor Force requirement of the District & Industry,
  • Unveiling Personal Potentials of both Syrians and host community members,
  • Ensuring full participation of the participants to the rapidly expanding economy, 

GSOMEM aims to provide vocational and skills development trainings for temporary protected Syrians and host community members to meet the needs of Gaziantep’s industry and service sectors by cooperating with not only the local partners and also with UN Agencies such as United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Non-Govermental Organizations (NGO’s) and private sector.

GSOMEM, in addition to Gaziantep, intends to meet the needs of nearby cities for “vocational trainings and certification Program” in collaboration with the local authorities as well. 

Gaziantep has a wide range of industrial structure, which produce hundreds of products in the fields of Textile, Food, Metal, Construction Equipment Manufacturing, 
Chemistry, Plastics, Site Construction, etc. 

While exports from Gaziantep to 180 different countries totaled to 6,9 billion dollars in 2018, it is aimed to reach 7,5 billion dollars in 2019. 
Gaziantep's foreign trade volume in 2018, by the way, was approximately 14 billion dollars. 

There are currently 4650 registered industrial companies to Gaziantep Chamber of Industry at five Organized industrial Zones (OIZ) which face problems for finding 
the qualified labor force. For this reason, Gaziantep Chamber of Industry organizes not only vocational Trainings and vocational development programs but also 
entrepreneurship trainings to the participants since its establishment in 1989.

GSOMEM maintains its activities in a 11.500m² closed area  and in 30 training rooms, 20 workshops as listed below, 

  • Woodwork Workshop
  • Furniture Upholstery
  • Metalwork workshop
  • Construction Workshop (Plastering, Painting, Walling)
  • Welding Workshop
  • Plastic Workshop
  • Machine Maintanance & Repair
  • Tricot Weave-Woven Fabric Production & garment Industry
  • Textile & Yarn Workshop
  • Paint & Print Works
  • PLC-automation
  • Hydraulic & Pneumatic
  • 2D-3D Technical Drawings
  • Industrial Design and Modelling
  • R & D Centre
  • Textile, Food, Chemistry Laboratory
  • Computerized Trainig Room
  • Construction machines Simulations
  • Industrial automation workshop
  • Electrical maintenance workshop 

GSOMEM activities started in April 2017 and GSOMEM realized over 300 training programs almost for 4.500 participants which 40% of them are Syrian refugees.